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Unistrut Channel
    发布时间: 2015-12-15 10:06    
Unistrut Channel

·Easy to assemble sub channel system.
·Fast and easy fixing of stone slabs.
·Installation at vertical and horizontal joints.
·Idea for restoration of facades.
·Anchors are fixed to channels with hex bolts and hex nuts.
·Name: Unistrut Channel/U Channel
·Mark: TM

·Material: AISI304(A2, 1.4301) or AISI316(A4, 1.4401)
·Finish: 2B, Pickled
·Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS
·Packaging Detail: 20-25kgs per carton, 36-48 cartons per pallet or according to customer's  requirement.
·Customer Service: 24hours standby, Critical listening your every suggestion or demand and  feedback ASAP.

TOMORROW manufacturing capabilities allow us to make a wide variety of stainless steel stone claddingsystem items. 
Our Stone cladding system contains 3 varieties, Marble Anchors, Anchor Bolts and Stone Fixing Accessories.
Marble Anchors are Z Anchor, L Anchor, L Anchor with Extension Plate, Kerf Anchor(Split Tail Anchor, Split Anchor, Up & Down Anchor), Mortar Anchor(Wire Anchor, Corrugated Anchor), Soffit Anchor, Grout In Anchor(Pipe Anchor, Tubular Anchor) etc.
Anchor Bolts are Sleeve Bolt(Sleeve Anchor), Through Bolt(Wedge Anchor), Shell Bolt(TAM Anchor, 4PCS Shield Anchor) etc.
Stone Fixing Accessories are Adjustable Arm(Extension Arm, Flat Head Bolt), Flanged Pin(Dowel Pin, PinWith Ring) etc.

Our goal today, as always, is to develop innovative high quality Stone Cladding Systems that are durable, save time and money. 

Customer service is just as important to us as quality. 
Our representatives will assist you in analyzing your requirements and selecting the system best suited to your needs. We inventory an extensive line of standard products and will economically produce special systems to meet your design requirements. We are people who deliver what we say, when we say. 

TOMORROW...Dependability in design, engineering, manufacturing and service.

Welcome to contact us anytime you feel suitable.

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