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About Us
TOMORROW is based in Taizhou Jiangsu, our highly engineered products are supplied throughout China and are exported to four continents. Started from a small factory named Thomas Stainless Steel, which was established in 2006, TOMORROW is now becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality fasteners and industrial components. As a key player in this region, TOMORROW is recognized with high quality and professional services provided.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce a wide variety of products that are specified nationally and internationally for use in manufacturing and construction. The main lines TOMORROW offer include three major categories:

Stone Cladding Systems for the stainless steel fabrication and construction industries employ the latest technology in cold heading, turning and punching. Which includes Marble Anchors, Anchor Bolts and Fixing Accessories.

Exotic Alloy Fasteners for chemical, aviation, deep sea, petroleum, medical industries. Usually, our high performance fasteners are in Hastelloy series, Incoloy series, Monel Series, Inconel Series, Super Austentic series, Duplex series, Super Duplex series and Titanium series materials. And the size can be from M5-M100.

CNC Turning Parts for high precision and stable quality industrial components. Welcome to send the sample drawing for custom-made.

Our goal today, as always, is to develop innovative products for the industry that are durable, save time and money, and are easy to handle.

Customer service is just as important to us as quality. TOMORROW representatives will assist you in analyzing your requirements and selecting the system best suited to your needs. We inventory an extensive line of standard products and will economically produce special systems to meet your design requirements. We are people who deliver what we say, when we say.

TOMORROW ... dependability in design, engineering, manufacturing and service.

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